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A powerful bundle for property management operations

A community website for every property, powerful tools for all of your staff.
Centralize everything: your service requests, letter writing and digital communication on a single platform.

Your residents and board members can update their information and communicate with you through their community website and mobile app.

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property management plus

What's Included

Property Management

property management

Imagine all your property managers using the same tools and working collaboratively. Provide consistent results for your entire condo or strata management portfolio. Achieve true business continuity as all staff will be utilizing this consistent software platform.

Community Websites

condo community websites

A condominium/strata web portal, available for all your owners, that provide owners with information, communication, and service. Owners expect online access, and now it's easier than ever! Reduce phone calls and emails with information at at their fingertips.



Better known as; the most popular, online digital Status Certificate Management system without spending a penny! - Yes, we said FREE! Easy setup, adopt or keep your same process and generate an additional revenue stream.


One Centralized Platform

Ditch the file folders, stale spreadsheets and multiple systems for our centralized, cloud based platform. Property managers & administrators and residents & board members all use one system.


Easy Online Proxies

Reduce the extra work involved with other online proxy solutions. Shiftsuite Online Proxies gives you a one-click setup and provides a seamless electronic consent and automatic storing of corporation proxy results.


Future Proof

We continue to add new features every month to our applications at no additional cost to our clients. We are always finding new ways to make your business run smoother.


Satisfied Residents

Owners & Board Members get access to their contact records, financial ledgers, lien information, and even unit correspondence online. All corporation records are centralized and seamlessly update all parties.

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