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A community website for every property, powerful tools for all of your staff.

Centralize everything: your service requests, letter writing and digital communication on a single platform.

Your residents and board members can update their information and communicate with you through their community website and mobile app.

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One Centralized Platform

Ditch the file folders, stale spreadsheets and multiple systems for our centralized, cloud based platform. Property managers & administrators and residents & board members all use one system.

Satisfied Residents

Owners & Board Members get access to their contact records, financial ledgers, lien information, and even unit correspondence online. All corporation records are centralized and seamlessly update all parties.

Easy Online Proxies

Reduce the extra work involved with other online proxy solutions. Shiftsuite Online Proxies gives you a one-click setup and provides a seamless electronic consent and automatic storing of corporation proxy results.


We continue to add new features every month to our applications at no additional cost to our clients. We are always finding new ways to make your business run smoother.



Trusted by industry leading condo property management companies and leaders

Bill Thompson
Innovation is a critical ingredient in our success. Investing in exciting new technology helps us in all angles of our business, allowing us to stay true to our commitment to bring the highest levels of supervision, innovation and experience to our customers.
Bill ThompsonPresident - Malvern Property Management
Dean McCabe
Shiftsuite is an integral part of our operations, growth and success. When we started our business, there was no question that Shiftsuite was the partner to trust
Dean McCabePresident - Meritus Group
Carmen Benoit
We were early adopters of Shiftsuite and have never looked back. The Applications are intuitive and comprehensive. The entire team is a pleasure to work with.
Carmen BenoitDirector of Operations - GSA Property Management
Jamie Poodry
Since 2012, we have worked very closely with Shiftsuite to design our platforms. We highly recommend Shifsuite Applications and their top-notch team of staff. Using Shiftsuite has increased our efficiency and productivity.
Jamie PoodryDirector of Comunications - MF Property Management
Shane Haskell
This decision was an easy one to make. Community websites for condominiums are nothing new – but Shiftsuite has created an integrated product that delivers a great experience to condominium residents. The attractive cost-structure, this was an opportunity we had to take advantage of
Shane HaskellPresident- Lionheart Property Management
Megan Reville
I would like to recognize the exceptional support and implementation we received during the implementation of Shiftsuite Accounting. To date, we received continued support from the enstire Shiftsuite team
Megan RevilleOffice Manager - Keystone Grey
Dennis To
Best software for condo property management on the market! Easy to use, generate reports and financial statements. Support staff is friendly and provides excellent customer service!
Dennis ToVP Operations - Pro-House Property Management
Wynn Farrow
I use Shiftsuite and I love it! The system is user-friendly and with many reports available, it’s easy to do monthly financial reporting and to provide information to the BODs and Property Managers. Whenever I need help, the support team is patient, friendly and helpful!
Wynn FarrowController - GSA Property Management
Kimberly Bittner
I have used ShiftSuite for almost all of my career. From writing letters and keeping track of payments and charges to homeowners, to creating Financial Statements, ShiftSuite is a one stop shop! Very happy with the service!
Kimberly BittnerAccounting Admin- Malvern Property Management
Anthony Irwin
Bringing in Shiftsuite has helped our company efficiencies dramatically. We save plenty of man hours with Shiftsuite’s integrated systems and use it to record all of our client activities. If there is an issue with Shiftsuite their support is quick and effective. I would highly recommend this product for any management company.
Anthony IrwinCEO- CIE Property Management
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