Getting Started
Sometimes the biggest challenge is simply getting started into a new Accounting platform.

With limited resources, time, or even experience, switching systems can seem like a daunting task.
This is where having an experienced, certified consultant can pay dividends in the short and long term.

Our consultants have all been verified and approved by Shiftsuite, based on their experience, expertise and knowledge!

They bring a unique approach to embracing technology and more specifically, streamlined cloud solutions.

Time and money spent on a Certified Shiftsuite Consultant is priceless to getting started and continuing on the right path.

Our Shiftsuite Consultants bring you a winning strategy so you can focus on building and retaining business.

From initial start up & implementation, to on-going bookkeeping if required.

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Heavy Lifting

Switching accounting systems can be hard work, but our Shiftsuite Certified Consultants are experts on Exporting info from your current system, and Importing it into Shiftsuite.  Also, depending on your needs, each Consultant can help in further efforts as needed.

Staff Training and Adoption

Taking it even further, our Shiftsuite Certified Consultants can also help staff embrace the change, train them to be experts in Shiftsuite, which will support the vision of the top levels of the company. 

Tweaking your process

They’ll go the extra mile in ensuring your Opening Balances are spot on, and setup for a streamlined end-to-end accounting process for the proceeding months; allowing you to focus on the business.
Our Consultants can help you accomplish changes you’ve always dreamed of to your operations.

Kondo Bookkeeper



You have seen the ShiftSuite Ecosystem and want to be a part of it, but you are not sure of how to pull it all off.  Kondo Bookkeeper is here for you.  We have successfully onboarded many Condominium Corporations to ShiftSuite, whether they are big, small, or somewhere in between.  It does not matter where you are coming from, whether it be from another piece of software or even just excel spreadsheets, we have seen it all.

Years in the Industry

Through our many years, we understand the uncertainty, trust us, we’ve been there. Let us help you understand what is involved in the set-up process and provide you with the guidance needed to make the transition.  Do not let the onboarding process deter you from utilizing the premier cloud-based accounting and management software available to Condominium Corporations.

Specialties and other useful information

Once you are all set-up, you can take the helm or let us continue to give you whatever level of support you require.  Kondo Bookkeeper offers full-service Accounting-as-a-Service to its clients.  Alternatively, you can just pick and choose what we can help you with on an à la carte basis.  These services are never on contract because as our vision statement states, we provide “Bookkeeping software as a stepping stone to independence.”