Mass Mailing

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Outsourcing Your Mailings, Save Time And The Condo Budget

Manage any mailing with ease and confidence.

Reduce Paper And Mail
With our electronic consent features, the majority of owners opt for electronic delivery of documents, over traditional paper.

Our industry recognized print partners, have provided us with deep discounts for paper and print. Take advantage of partnership and save on all mailings.

We'll Do All The Work
Simply provide us the content of what you want to distribute and we’ll do all the heavy lifting. We’ll do the mailmerge of owners and addresses, we’ll send electronic copies to owners with valid e-consent forms, and send paper copies to the owners without e-consent.
Various Uses
Shiftsuite Mass Mailing is able to distribute both paper and electronic copies of whatever you want to send. From budget notices and other government forms, to any marketing or condo initiatives you need.

Certified Print Delivery

Our print partners certify that all documents and mail went to the proper parties.

Email Tracking

Determine which unit owners have received, clicked or opened your mass mailing. We even track any returned or bounced email addresses.

Collect Electronic Consent

As part of our mailing service, your owners that have not yet signed up for e-consent can do so with just one click.

A Turnkey Mailing Service For Print And Electronic Distribution

Property Management Features And Benefits

  • Owner and Unit Management
  • Letter Writing Wizard
  • Service Request Management
  • Dozens of Reports
  • Accounting integrated reports
  • Corporation Document
  • Board member management
  • Vendor Management
  • Community Calendar
  • Community website Integration
  • Accounting Integration
  • Online Proxy Integration
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