Owner Management

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Manage owners with Delight

Access every bit of information for owner(s), and tenant in one intuitive view

Comprehensive View
Owner management is made easy with our comprehensive “single pane of glass” view into all information related to owners. You’ll have access to contact information, previous owners, all owners, and tenants, how they pay their maintenance fees, history of communications and correspondence and more in one easy to read view.
Shared View
The days of two databases and multiple systems are a thing of the past. You have one set of owners, you should have one system to manage them all. All owner information is available for your entire condo property management and accounting team to share and access.
Accurate Data
Owner information is shared by the various property management staff, but also with owners. The integration with the Community website and mobile app, allow owners to provide you with new and updated information. This provides everyone with the most accurate data, with ease.

Manage Current Owners

Information, accounting, banking, and correspondence in one easy to read view. Manage multiple owners within a single unit.

Access Historical Records

Owners come and go, but from time to time you will still need access to the previous owner records. Historical records are just a click away.

One Set Of Records

Do away with the problems of Accounting having one records and property managers having another set. Manage your owners at the next level, with one set of Shiftsuite records.

All Owner Information Available To You In A Single Pane Of Glass

owner correspondence

Take Control Of Owner Correspondence

Shiftsuite has the ability to create amazing one-click letters for just about any situation. These documents are automatically filed to the unit file and ready to notify the owner and update the community website.

Moreover, you can establish a timeline and history of the letters, documents and correspondence sent to to the unit. This is useful for next level property management.

Imagine a brand new property manager in a condo, they have no access to the previous property manager’s email or records, so they are not very effective in handling the condo. Bring in Shiftuite and how this brand new property manager can see the information they need to be an effective property manager.

Easy Letters, Labels, Notices And Certificates.

Create a letter, label, notice or information certificate with just a couple of clicks.

We’ve programmed, filtered and sorted ways for you to produce the needed notice without extra filtering, exporting to excel or using word mail merges.

We want you to focus on property management, not learn about mail merges and data sources.

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Property Management Features And Benefits

  • Owner and Unit Management
  • Letter Writing Wizard
  • Service Request Management
  • Dozens of Reports
  • Accounting Integrated Reports
  • Corporation Document
  • Board Member Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Community Calendar
  • Community Website Integration
  • Accounting Integration
  • Online Proxy Integration
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