An end-to-end, FREE software for Property Management

We understand your business. We have built an amazing, easy to use, powerful and all encompassing solution to manage your status certificate orders. Maybe best of all, we understand that sometimes you need a break from paying for software.

We take all the technical support and payment processing leg work off your plate! Your only focus will be to only produce the correct status certificate.

free property management software

The Property Management Setup Process

Step 1 - Load The Unit Data
Provide your unit information in the provided, simple excel spreadsheet.
Step 2 - Upload Documents

Upload your scanned PDF documents such as your bylaws, Declaration, and other package attachments for each of your condominiums. And that’s it you are now fully set up to ready receive orders!

Step 3 - Receiving Orders

When an order is paid for by a requestor, an email will be sent to the head office or site office (if done onsite), with all the same details you get now.

Step 4 - Complete The Certificate

Complete the Status Certificate “aka Form 13”, as you normally would and simply upload it to Conduit. No Paper, no fuss.

Step 5 - Automated Communication

An email is instantly sent to the original requestor indicating the status certificate is ready for their download.

Step 6 - Get Payment

On the 10th of every month, we fully reconcile all orders placed and send your funds directly to your company bank account along with a detailed reconciliation report.

How It Works


Start by searching for your condominium corporation. Search by condo corp # (i.e. TSCC2525), by address, and even postal code.


Pay with your credit card and we’ll route your order to the respective property management company.


The Property Management company will process your order according to the 10 day window or the expedited delivery timeline (if applicable). Once they complete the order, you will receive an email notifying you to download. Now you can save the PDF copy, or share with related parties.

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Easy To Start

With about 50% of all Ontario units already on Conduit, just search for your unit, pay with your credit card and receive an email once the property manager has it completed.

Easy To Share

Give electronic access to all related parties within Conduit. or just forward the pdf document(s) from your own email. No more making copies, driving around and lugging paper!

No More Guessing

Stop guessing who and where the management company is. Just search here and if that condo is in our system, complete the order online in minutes.

No More Driving

Search, pay and download online. Why would you drive anywhere to order a document in today’s world? Buyers/sellers, realtors and lawyers have never been happier.

why make the shift

Conduit Benefits for Property Management

A comprehensive cloud based software to manage every aspect of your status certificate orders.

Get the most popular and most comprehensive Status Certificate Management system without spending a penny. No fees ever to any management company.
Easy Setup

If you can pdf a document and use excel, you can setup Conduit with ease. Our support staff hold your hand the entire time. Training is done in about one hour.

Keep Your Processes
Nothing changes on your end, except reduced headaches and less paper and associated costs. Over 60 condo property management companies trust Conduit for their Status Certificate management.
Never Miss A Deadline

One window gives you insight to ALL status certificates. Manage the 10-day window, have a full audit trail and manage all corporation by-laws with ease.

“Ordering a status certificate the way we did 10 years ago, just doesn’t make sense this day in age.”
Christopher Deen


More Accounting Features And Functions

  • End to End Audit Trail
  • Ensure certificate quality and integrity
  • Single view for all orders
  • Manage all orders
  • Never miss a deadline
  • Receive ALL your revenues
  • 600,000+ Ontario units
  • 95 management companies
  • The first solution of its kind
  • Search by condo name
  • Search on map
  • Search by address
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