Accounting Integration

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Accounting Integration

Break down those silos

Finally! Property management applications with true Integration. Managing multiple sets of data is a thing of the past when you use Shiftsuite. All our applications integrate, so an update to information in one application, updates the other.

Owner Ledgers
From Accounting records, to property manager reports, to the resident’s community website, all parties have the same real time view of any unit’s Ledger.
Owner Information
Our integration will save you time by not having to manage owner records in multiple areas. From your accounting team, to your board members, unit owners, and property managers, you can rest assured you’re all looking at the same information.
Financial Insight
Having financial information readily available has typically been an “accounting only” function – not with Shiftsuite. Our systems will provide read-only financial information for any User you assign.

Document Library

Upload a document to the Community Website, and it’s automatically uploaded to the Accounting & Property Management application; or visa versa! Managing multiple systems is a thing of the past.

Board Library

Securely add sensitive board only documents in any application you want; we integrate, remember?

Financial Statements

Through the Accounting application, users can even upload Financial Statements to the Board Library ahead of time – reduce the administration tasks wherever possible.

Service Requests

All service request details are available in Shiftsuite Accounting, or the Community Website. Any user with proper access, can quickly be in the loop of all things happening at the Unit and Corporation level.

Community Calendar

From Annual General meeting reminders, to hot yoga classes, to corporation events, keep everyone in the loop and better serve your residents.

Unit Correspondence

Reduce direct mail costs by using Unit Correspondence. From arrears notices, budget letters, to infraction letters – it’s as easy as Create, Save & Post.

Business Continuity at Its Finest

Multiple systems, employee turn over, and employee leave, can be a nightmare to manage and wreak havoc on your Service commitments to your Corporation(s). Supplying a “fill in” is not providing true business continuity.

With Shiftsuite, you can eliminate those nightmares. We can help you achieve business continuity via various areas, but the main motive is thanks to our Integration. Having access available to all your staff, combined with all the pieces Shiftsuite has to offer; there will be no excuse not to know who, what, why, or when.

From temp staff, to “fill ins”, all the way up to Regional Managers – everyone is always in the know.

“Running a property management company with a single system is really the best way to operate. Property Managers already have enough on their plate, why have multiple systems and excel worksheets to have them effectively perform their job.”

Christopher Deen


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  • Document Library
  • Accounting Integration
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  • Private Board Members area
  • Public Facing website
  • Community News blasts
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