Replace your spreadsheets and file folders with one platform for your entire property management staff.

Popular Features


One Click Letter Writing Wizard

Produce consistent letters across your entire portfolio and track all correspondence. From an individual letter to a community-wide correspondence, our application does it all.

Manage Service Requests

Provide your managers with an easy way to manage their service requests throughout their entire portfolio, on a single system.

Complete Condo Management

Shiftsuite Property Managment is a comprehensive condo management application that helps you manage better.

Shiftsuite Property Management Benefits

The perfect tool for a property management company of any size. Deploy Shiftsuite Property Management to every manager and administrator in every property.
Provide your managers with the proper tools to perform their best and you’ll instantly gain control of the quantity and quality of the condo records and details.
Enable collaboration between the various staff that makes your condo run. Administrators, property managers, senior or district property manager and even executives can share information and work together like never before.
Make communication a breeze. Easily communicate with the condo management team and even owners, tenants and boards. Use various tools native to Shiftsuite Property Management or in our bundles that include community website integration.
One software for EVERY property manager
Give your entire workforce one platform to use. Put control back into your company with Shiftsuite Property Management as your central operations
Continuity Of service
With every property manager trained on the same Shiftsuite Applications, you can swap any manager at any property without a dip in productivity or customer service.



Owner Management

Centralized view into every owner, tenant and board member. Track just about every bit of information in an easy to read format. From contact information, to e-consent, correspondence history, mortgagee, liens and even the names of their pets.

Letter Wizard

Gain the ability to produce standardized letters to any property manager. Overcome the problems of communication skills, intonation, and even grammar, by using Shiftsuite’s letter writing wizard. Letters can be automatically filed in the unit file.

Information Certificates

Creating and managing mandatory Information Certificates has never been easier. Benefit from our wizards to create certificates easily. We even put reminders in the central calendar to ensure you deliver them on time.

End-to-End information at your fingertips

Shiftsuite Property manager gives any management company a single solution to roll out to every condo corporation, every property manager & administrator and their respective district/regional managers.
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"I started using Shiftsuite a couple of years ago and I love it! The system is user friendly and with many reports available, it makes it easy to do monthly financial reporting and to provide information to the Board of Directors and Property Managers."

- Wyn Farrow, Controller - GSA Property Management


  • Owner Management
  • Tenant Management
  • Service Requests
  • Pet Information
  • Section 98 Agreement tracking
  • Community Calendar
  • Administration Calendar
  • Community Website integration
  • Letter Wizard
  • Label Wizard
  • Instant Status Certificates
  • Unit Proporation Tracking
  • Board Member Tracking
  • Centralized by-law and document tracking
  • Unit correspondance Tracking
  • Utility Billing
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