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Meet Expectations

Today’s owners, tenants, and board members need, want and expect to access information about their homes online. Deliver better services and communications through dedicated condo community websites and our mobile app.

Financial Value

Shiftsuite Community Websites is a robust solution available at various price points to meet just about every budget and need. Available in Portfolio Edition, Starter Edition or Upgrade Edition, we have price points to meet most condo’s needs.

Breakdown the silos

The days of a stand-alone, noncentralized, non-integrated community website are over. We offer a solution that integrates seamless, in real-time with the work being done in Accounting and other property management operations.

Community Website Benefits

Unify all the people that make your Condo run. Shiftsuite Community websites enable collaboration between, tenants, owners, board members and property management
Canadian Cloud
All our websites are safely stored in Microsoft Azure’s Canadian Cloud
Effortless Management
Shiftsuite Bundles allow for effortless management of each condo community website. Financial reports are automatically uploaded to the website, complete with board member notifications. Owners access instantly changes as they change from owner to board member, vice versa or if Accounting moves them out of the condo entirely.
3 simple ways to use
Available in 3 flavours. A low priced Starter edition with one simple Upgrade Edition that offers amenities, and the Portfolio edition (included with the Shiftsuite Accounting Plus or Shiftsuite Property Management Plus Bundle).



Service Requests

Give owners an easy to way get service, complete with audit trails and reporting.

Electronic Consent

Easily collect E-consent from owner giving electronic consent for condo communications

Visitor Parking

Easily book parking spots with our flexible visitor parking feature. Available in the Upgrade Edition

Parcel Tracking

Manage deliveries and parcels with easy and automated email and text messages notifications to owners

Discussion Forum

Give your owners a forum to share ideas within their community. Available in the Upgrade Edition

Document Library

Provide owners with forms and documents in an easy to access format.

Condo Announcements

Provide announcements and updates to all owners with Community news. Available in the Upgrade Edition

Mobile App

Provide community website access to those owners on the go. The mobile app is a free add-on.

Amenity Bookings

Book anything from guest suites, party rooms and bbq’s with the Upgrade Edition community website.
Tiny Condo
Designed for condos with less than 40 units
Custom branded Community website
Online Service Requests
Public facing website with secure owner login
Single Document Library
Photo Gallery
Mobile App
Essentials Edition
Custom branded Community website
Online Service Requests
Public facing website with secure owner login
Single Document Library
Photo Gallery
Mobile App
Upgrade Edition
Starter Plan PLUS
Multiple document libraries
Amenity bookings
Service Elevator Booking
Party Room booking
Guest suite Booking
BBQ Booking
Visitor Parking
Discussion Forum
Portfolio Edition
Included with Shiftsuite Bundles
Branded with your company name
Online Service Requests
Public facing website with secure owner login
Single Document Library
Photo Gallery
Mobile App

Communicate with great efficiency

Communication to owners, tenant and board members is so simple with Shiftsuite Community websites. With little effort, you can update websites, send email notices, update news feeds and even send text messages to owners.

Notify Owners by Text message

A popular option for added communication to owners that want information about their homes right at their fingertips.

For a small additional fee, we SMS add-on providers text messages right on owners phones, anywhere they are in the world.


Get the Mobile App

Available for Android and iPhones, the Shiftsuite Community Website Mobile app, provides you with instant access to your unit information and property management company and records.

Log service requests, update your contact info, download that latest form and even check your financial ledger (Shiftsuite Accounting integration must be in place).

We even have local specials and discounts for your neighbourhood.


Community websites are a basic tool for all involved to effectively communicate. Owners, board members, and property managers are unified with Shiftsuite Community websites.

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