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Easily apply to the condo industry’s best management companies and their condo corporation clients. Our property management clients have responsibilities to their condo corporation clients and as such the recommendations they make on any vendor from window washing, engineering, renovations to landscaping require careful vetting of your information.

We provide an easy way for all parties to have surety in the vendors they use.  As a Vetted Vendor you will get email notification of expiring WSIB certificates and General liability insurance while getting instant notifications when you are approved by each management company.

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Pay with your credit card and we’ll route your order to the respective property management company.


They will process your order according to the 10 day window or the expedited delivery timeline (if applicable). Once they complete the order, you will receive an email notifying you to download. Now you can save the PDF copy, or share with related parties.


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Every Property Management company has different requirements and fees for becoming a vendor. Please select which Property Management company you’d like to apply to – and read their Terms & Conditions carefully.


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Vendor Vetting Benefits for Management Companies

Take control of your approved trades list.
Limit Liability
Vendors performing work in your condo clients, must meet some basic requirements to protect everyone. Vendors must be vetted for insurance, tax collections and even licensing. Take control and use our FREE vendor vetting solution
Easy Management
Have every vendor apply to your specific terms and conditions. Vendors have their own profiles, where we help them manage their requirements in one easy place for every property management application. We’ll send them email reminders for expiring licenses or insurance.
Yes, we said Free! Property managers can enjoy another free condo management Application from Shiftsuite.


Vendor Vetting is a service that serves various aspects of working with vendors and trades in the condominium industry. We provide a platform that enables vendors to apply to be on the “trades list” of our property management clients,  while allowing property management companies to ensure they and their condo corporation clients are protected by “vetting” the vendors.

Our system provides a centralized way to manage critical elements of the vendor and condo world. Automated reminders to update insurance and WSIB forms in place. We collect HST information to ensure proper tax reporting and payments.

Our service provides the management platform, but each management company and vendor is responsible for the confirmation of information. Vetting of the information is not performed by this service or Shiftsuite.

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What we do for vendors

Getting on the vendor list is the key to your business. Staying compliant with the demands and requirements of condo property managers and condo corporations don’t have to be ignored anymore nor be a daunting task.

Easily submit your application to be added to the “Approved trades list” or preferred vendor list for any of our clients. Ensure you are not removed from the list because your WSIB or insurance certificates have expired. You will receive an automated email helping you stay on the list.  Easily apply to multiple companies all in one spot


  • Apply to become a qualified vendor to any management on our system
  • Stay on the preferred vendor list / Approved Trades List
  • Easily manage your WSIB mandates
  • Easily Manage your General Liability insurance requirements
  • Ensure you are getting a fair chance of being added to the list.

Each management company will provide their application requirements and application fees. The fees are designed to ensure the management time is recuperated in ensuring that they work with only the most qualified vendors.

If you work with condo corporations or condo property managers in any capacity, this is the place to start.

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What we do for property management

It is expected that anyone you recommend to work for your condo corporations meets at least a minimum standard and operates in a diligent and professional manner. Part of that process is ensuring you know exactly who you are working with, have checked references, following your procedures and even keeping up with WSIB and insurance.

This is where we come in. Most condo management trades list are very long and difficult to manage. We’ve built a platform, that will ease the burden of vetting or validating vendors. Vettedvendor allows condo specific vendors an easy way to apply to your management company, and provides a transparent way of collecting and managing the vital information and quality you require.

Key Facts

  • Determine your own fee’s to vendors
  • Get sign off and confirmation of your terms and conditions for every vendor
  • Easily manage WSIB and general insurance
  • Free for Shiftsuite Clients

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Vetting Vendors was never easier

Every registered Vendor has a profile. Within the profile contains vital information to ensure compliance and mitigate risk by hiring these vendors to do any work for a condo. We’ve created a management system for both vendors to easily manage this information and for property managers to easily manage their approved contractor list


Information Collected

  • WSIB certificates and expiration
  • HST number and verification
  • General Liability Insurance and Expiration
  • License requirements
  • Industries Served
  • Areas of Service
  • Acceptance of your payment, purchase order terms
  • Acceptance of your internal processes


Recoup the internal costs involved in vetting vendors with a powerful, easy and Free software, Vendor Vetting


  • Accounting integration
  • Property Management integration

  • Time Savings

  • Automated emails to Vendors
  • Automated emails to Managers
  • Reminder emails
  • automatic drop off for vendor non-compliance
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