Acquiring the Agreement to Receive Notices Electronically from your Owners doesn’t have to be laborious.
Seamless Workflow
Our workflow makes identifying non-consenting owners and sending them the required form, as easy as 2 clicks.
Email Scheduling
Don’t worry about setting up reminders, our e-consent feature will remind your owners to consent to electronic notifications on a schedule.
Not only will we capture the executed form, but we’ll also add it the Unit file for you, and back it up on our cloud.

Regulation Ready

With the new Regulations regarding Electronic Notifications in place, our process follows the guidelines.

Email Notifications

Property Managers and Owners get a copy of the completed Ministry’s version of the Agreement to Receive Notices Electronically

Increased Adoption

Reduce your carbon footprint by increasing Econsent acceptance.  Our process proves higher adoption rates.

Econsent meets the demands of today's consumers and professionals

EConsent process that makes sense

Integrated with Shiftsuite’s Community Websites and Accounting, you can rest assure you’ll adhere to the Ministry’s new Regulations regarding the Agreement to Receive Notices Electronically.

Our simple workflow will increase EConsent across your corporation(s), reducing paper, and minimizing administration tasks; resulting in saved time and money.


  • E-Consent
  • Service Requests
  • Mobile App
  • Document Library
  • Accounting Integration
  • Parcel Tracking
  • Private Owners area
  • Private Board Members area
  • Public Facing website
  • Community News blasts
  • Discussion Forum
  • Visitor Parking Permits

EConsent Integration with Shiftsuite Applications is the smartest way to do electronic consent. Dean McCabe -Meritus Group

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