Accounting Integrated Purchase Orders

Shiftsuite Accounting features a powerful Purchase order system used directly by the Property managers but linked to real-time Accounting for better reporting and efficiency.
No more Paper!
Leverage the built-in PO system and say goodbye to the paper-based PO, or even worse, no PO at all!
Real Accountability
Many property management companies complete the PO after the invoices, which is a dangerous practice. Provide your boards with real accountability in their dollar spend, contractor liability, real-time decision making, while ensuring the goods or services are actually delivered.
Integrated Workflow
Our Purchase orders combine the needs of the property manager, board, and Accounting team. More than just a record, we’ve built special controls to ensure high quality, integrity and transparency.

Integrated View

Centralized Purchase orders provide all parties involved in running your condo with the right information in real-time. Board members, managers, supervising managers and accounting all see the same data.

Reduce human error

Invoices are linked to completed Purchase orders. Once linked, the details are automatically entered into the bill, reducing human error.

Confirmation of services

Keep track of purchase orders in a simple list, while also sending the PO to the vendor by email, confirming receipt, and even confirming delivery of the services or goods.


Condo software purchase orders

Purchase Order Control

Shiftsuite’s built-in controls and reporting, give your property management staff the tools to ensure the highest level of control.

Any staff with access to the condo through Shiftsuite can see exactly what is happening currently and in the past.

Integration with purchase order spending limits provides financial responsibility while giving an easy path to seek PO approval by email.

Flexible PO usage

Issue Purchase orders to suit your exact needs.

  1. PO based on a quote, including attaching the original quote
  2. PO based on a “Do not exceed amount”
  3. PO based on a payment schedule

We’ve designed PO’s to automate accounting accruals, integrate with Accounts Payable, work for small purchases, or large engineering projects.

Condo payment schedule


  • Financial Statements
  • Purchase Orders
  • Bank Integration
  • Customizable Setup
  • Owner Communication
  • Time Savings
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payabale
  • MICR Cheque Printing
  • Custom Chart of Accounts
  • Lien Management
  • Packaged Reports
  • Integrated Budgets
  • Reserve Fund Reports
  • Utility Billing
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