Condo Specific Financial Reports

Shiftsuite Accounting features a powerful engine to produce financial statements with ease.
Based on CPA standards
To ensure the highest quality and integrity, we’ve based our reports on the standards and guidelines provided by the CPA standards for Condominium Accounting and Auditing.

Flexible options
Reports are provided on a one-click basis. Many reports have various formats to ensure we meet the needs of your team and any board member.

Reports also have various parameters for those picky boards.

If you want even more flexibility, all reports can be exported to excel for additional formatting, reporting and more.

Publish directly to boards
With a couple clicks, your Accounting team can publish the approved financial statements directly the the Condo Community website, instantly notifying each board member  by email and text message and publishing the statements to the secure board library. (Available in the Accounting+ Bundle)

Add misc. documents

Easily add miscellaneous documents digitally to any financial report like bank statements, images and invoices.

Easy Control

Produce a report or entire financial statement in a consistent style and format. Select from various options and parameters. We’ll even remember how you like each report.

Easy to read

Produce reports that are organized and easy to read, including a clean cover page, and a dynamic table of contents, customized for each individual condominium.


Publish to your community website

Notify your board members easily

With a click of a button, your accounting team can publish the complete set of Financial Statements directly to the folder of choice in the included Community website.

When this is done, your condo’s board of directors will receive notifications multiple ways.

  1. Email notification
  2. Text message (coming soon)
  3. Newsfeed update directly on the website

Reports Galore!

We’ve worked hard to make reports easily available for you. Depending on your management company preference of the preference of the condo board, many reports are available in various formats, to meet the needs of many.


You don’t have to fuss or worry about complicated report writing tools and databases. We make reports come to you on the click of the mouse.

Report variations include:

  • Summary
  • Detailed
  • Comparative
  • Classified

Condo accounting financial options


  • Accounts Payable
  • Account Receivable
  • General Ledger Reports
  • Trial Balance
  • Accrued Liabilities
  • Statement of Financial Positions (Balance Sheet)
  • Statement of Operations (Income Statement)
  • Statement of Reserve Fund
  • Owners with EFT
  • Owners Statements
  • Monthly Charge Roll
  • Owners Balance Listing
  • Bank Reconcilation
  • Cash Disbursements
  • Cheque listing
  • Undeposited Funds
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