Integration with the Major banks

Major Canadian Banks
Shiftsuite Accounting writes the EFT files compliant to meet the requirements for Royal Bank, CIBC, TD, Scotia, Bank for Montreal, and even some credit unions.
Reduce human error
You no longer have to manually create files or enter the data from your system into the bank’s web interface. With a couple of clicks, produce the EFT based on the amount owed by each condo owner, in each condo without retyping and leaving room for error
Process your entire Portfolio
Generate the EFT files for your entire portfolio at the exact same time. Save days of data entry, and cross-referencing!

Work at your own pace

If processing all your buildings doesn’t work for you, you can selectively process maintenance fees on the condo selection of your choice.

Compare and Confirm

To ensure your EFT totals are equal to the amounts authorized or set by each unit file, produce a report that compares the EFT file to the unit details.

Assessment changes are a breeze

When your assessment changes, the amount each respective owner pays is automatically updated to reflect this amount.  Save the effort of going into each unit individually and updating PAP amounts!


Entering bank information

Custom bank configuration per condo

Each condominium in your portfolio has their own PAP/EFT configuration. This allows you to easily work with multiple banks without hassles.

Our prebuilt EFT file types, leave you to only enter the condo’s particulars and you are all set.

Rest assured that the banking compliance is all set.

Property Manager Insights

Because Shiftsuite Accounting integrates with Property Management, you can save the extra work caused by property managers asking your accounting team for information.

We’ve made accounting, unit and even PAP information available to the property managers in an easy to read, read-only format or report.

We’re breaking down the silos that create inefficiency. Property managers can easily see the unit size, the owner and the amount they have been billed or will be billed.

Condo software owner fees


  • Financial Statements
  • Purchase Orders
  • Bank Integration
  • Customizable Setup
  • Owner Communication
  • Time Savings
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Account Payabale
  • MICR Cheque Printing
  • Custom Chart of Accounts
  • Lien Management
  • Packaged Reports
  • Integrated Budgets
  • Reserve Fund Reports
  • Utility Billing
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